Hello folks, so today we will see that what do you mean by idempotence in Ansible and why restarting HTTPD service through Ansible is not idempotence in nature and how we can rectify it.

What is idempotence ?

Idempotence is the concept that is taken from Mathematics which means that if the current requirement is already present then it won’t be changed. So ansible works on this concept of idempotence i.e let us consider that we have written an ansible playbook to install a particular software in the target node. So ansible before installing the software checks if it is already installed in the…

Hello everyone, you all might have heard the name Ansible from different people and corporates but have wondered that what is it and what are its use cases i.e why it is so common in industries etc. So let me take you to the tour to Automation world where Ansible plays a major role.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source automation tool, or platform, used for IT tasks such as configuration management, application deployment, intra service orchestration, and provisioning. So in layman’s language yo can say that using Ansible you can configure others laptop or OS through network. …

Hello friends!! Today I would like to share you all the steps to integrate the Hadoop with LVM so that the storage of the Hadoop becomes elastic storage So lets get started,

Firstly we will add hard disk of 20GB to the Linux OS( which is configured as Datanode) as shown in the image

Hello everyone, today I would like to share you all the steps on how to increase or decrease the size of static partition in Linux.

First we will add a new hard disk in the RedHat Linux OS running in the VirtualBox as shown.

Red Hat OpenShift is a complete container application platform that natively integrates technologies including Docker and Kubernetes — a powerful container cluster management and orchestration system — and includes an enterprise foundation in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) offers enterprises full control over their Kubernetes environments. It handles cloud-native and traditional applications on a single platform. The platform has built-in security from infrastructure to services, throughout the operations and application lifecycle

Major Features of OpenShift

Pod autoscaling (In kubernetes world we call containers as pods):

OpenShift enables cloud elasticity by providing automatic horizontal pod scaling as application load increases. …

Development Before Jenkins

Before the advent of Jenkins, developers had to complete code testing before they could check for errors. Developers on teams, tending to work independently, each created large segments of code to add to the base code. The entire source code would be checked for errors — a time-consuming and challenging undertaking. Multiple developers would each send commits to version control, increasing the time required to identify and fix bugs. There was no iterative code improvement, and the software delivery process was slow. So for them Jenkins came to the rescue!

What is Jenkins and Continuous Integration?

Jenkins is an open source, cross-platform automation serve that helps…

Hello Everyone!! As you all are aware of the word Kubernetes which are nowadays very prevalent in the industries, but don’t know what it actually is. So let me introduce you what is Kubernetes(also called K8s ).

What is Kubernetes?

The developers always try to relate the technology with the real world i.e the artificial neural networks have been created by studying the human brain that how we as humans take input and process the information in our brain and resembling the neurons( which are the basic unit of our brain) the tech guys created the artificial neural networks which helps the machine to take accurate decisions.

What are neural networks?

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